A couple of months ago I took a class on sprouted flour. I’d heard the term but wasn’t sure what it meant. According to the instructor it is the process of a grain becoming a plant so it’s more easily digestible by your body. This now uses sugar molecule to germinate, develops its own enzymes, provides lacto bacillus and digests itself. Since you’re now eating plants it’s low glycemic and it’s stored as energy not fat.  High enzyme activity so it absorbs nutrients better.  Some claims are that it lowers cholesterol, sugars,  and your blood pressure. Great benefits if you ask me.

Process for sprouted flour is you dry mill it and sift the grain. You get bran, grain and endosperm. All the nutrients remain. The germination part of the sprouting process removes the bitterness and increases fiber and protein count.

Our instructor provided pizza, cookies and bread items made from various sprouted flours such as blue cornmeal, spelt and millet.


These were delicious! A bit more grainy than my enriched flour palate was used to, but oh, so good!


This is the wall of sprouted flour products available at The Real Food Shoppe in Plainfield, Indiana. So many choices!

I learned that you can substitute sprouted flour for enriched flour 1:1 ratio. Sprouted flour doesn’t need to be sifted. It also has a slightly shorter mixing time because the gluten has changed and protein quality is maximized. Once open, it can be refrigerated for 6 months and if you freeze it, make sure it defrosts to room temperature.


Our hostess and baker. Lovely!

For more information about sprouted flour and recipes, please refer to Janie Quinn’s book: “Essential Eating Sprouted Baking: With Whole Grain Flours That Digest as Vegetables” available here:



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